Commercial Driver License (CDL) Fees in Michigan

Becoming a truck driver is an exciting prospect. This new career move can take you out on a new path for life that includes a stable income, an exciting profession, and unique opportunities to see the country like not many other people get to experience. But first things first: you need to get your commercial drivers license for the state of Michigan if you want to work professionally here. And you need to know what sort of fees you’ll be required to pay in order to accomplish this.

What CDL Fees in Michigan Will I Be Responsible For?

Each state has its own requirements, which are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local DMV before you physically go in to take your knowledge or skills test to get your commercial drivers license.

In Michigan, the base operator license fee is $25. A base chauffeur fee is $35. If you want the CDL vehicle group designation, you’ll need to pay $25. And if you want to add any endorsements to your license, they are five dollars each. An X endorsement is $10. It will always cost you more to get the HAZMAT endorsement. If you need to make any corrections on your license, it will cost you $1.

With regard to endorsements, you will need to pay additional fees since items like the HAZMAT are monitored federally. You will need to pay for fingerprinting, a TSA background check, and an FBI background check.

Becoming a Michigan Truck Driver

If you need more information about the specific fees you’ll be responsible for to get your commercial driver license in Michigan or you want information on truck driving training programs and your career options, get in touch with Will get you the information you need so you can hit the road sooner rather than later. Call us today at 1-800-TRUCKER.

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