Commercial Driver License (CDL) Fees in Michigan

Becoming a truck driver is an exciting prospect. This new career move can take you out on a new path for life that includes a stable income, an exciting profession, and unique opportunities to see the country like not many other people get to experience. But first things first: you need to get your commercial drivers license for the state of Michigan if you want to work professionally here. And you need to know what sort of fees you’ll be required to pay in order to accomplish this.

What CDL Fees in Michigan Will I Be Responsible For?

Each state has its own requirements, which are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local DMV before you physically go in to take your knowledge or skills test to get your commercial drivers license.

In Michigan, the base operator license fee is $25. A base chauffeur fee is $35. If you want the CDL vehicle group designation, you’ll need to pay $25. And if you want to add any endorsements to your license, they are five dollars each. An X endorsement is $10. It will always cost you more to get the HAZMAT endorsement. If you need to make any corrections on your license, it will cost you $1.

With regard to endorsements, you will need to pay additional fees since items like the HAZMAT are monitored federally. You will need to pay for fingerprinting, a TSA background check, and an FBI background check.

Becoming a Michigan Truck Driver

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Michigan CDL Fees

Before you decide to become a truck driver in Michigan, it’s important to know what sort of costs you can expect to pay. While the application fees for a Michigan CDL are not outlandish, they may be significant if you’re on a budget. What follows is a breakdown of the Michigan CDL fees, including any endorsements and additional fees that may be required.

Michigan CDL Application Fees

How much you can expect to pay for your CDL application will depend on the specific class of license you want to get. A base operator license costs $25 while a CDL vehicle group designation costs $25 as well. If you need to make corrections to your application, you will need to pay $18. Endorsements cost $5.

So you see, getting a CDL in Michigan isn’t all that expensive, but this way you’ll have the right amount of money on hand when you go to apply.

Background Check Fees

Some people who pursue a Michigan CDL also want to get a hazardous materials endorsement. To do this, you need to get a background check from the TSA. You already need to have your CDL or CDL permit at this point. You’ll also need to provide identification and proof of legal status.

From there, you’ll need to go to a fingerprint office and send your fingerprints to the TSA. It costs $30 to have your fingerprints taken in Michigan. The TSA background check costs $34 and the FBI background check cost $17.25.

Hopefully, this information is helpful to you. If you want to find CDL training in Michigan, need help finding an employer, or just want more information, please get in touch with us today at CDLMichigan.com or call us at 1-800-TRUCKER.

Labor Statistics for Truck Drivers in Michigan

Michigan trucking statistics

While pursuing a new career can be scary, it’s actually a great idea to become a truck driver in Michigan. Job statistics are looking good for the state, which means now is a good time to invest in becoming a truck driver, if that’s what you want to do. Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at some information taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Employment Numbers and Salary Info

Truck drivers in Michigan are doing pretty well. In fact, there are 48,220 people employed in this industry as of May 2012. The mean hourly rate of pay is $18.45 and the mean annual salary is $38,370. This is more than livable for the area.

All in all, truck drivers in Michigan are doing well, which means you could easily enter this field and find work.

Job Outlook for Truck Drivers in Michigan

As we said before, truck driving in Michigan is a growing field with a highly positive outlook. Job numbers are only expected to go up. This is reflected by the national job outlook for truckers. In 2010, there were 1,604,800 truck drivers in the country. By 2020, there will be a projected 1,934,900 truck drivers in the country. This is a 21% increase in that 10 year span.

All of this bodes well for truck drivers in Michigan as well as those looking to get started in the field. Speaking of which, if you want to become a truck driver, now is the time to act. And we can help! Contact CDLMichigan.com or call us at 1-800-TRUCKER to get more information about truck driving training programs in the state as well as CDL requirements, exam locations, and job placement services.

How to Find Reputable Trucking Schools in Michigan

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